Our fees

Our firm distinguishes between disputed and undisputed cases.

I. Undisputed debt collection cases
Once we have recovered the full amount of the debt, we will transfer the capital sum and any summons costs to you in their entirety.
Any remaining balance will be withheld as our fees. In this case, we won't charge you anything!
If only the capital sum or part of that sum is recovered, we will charge no more than 10% of the funds recovered as our fee, with a minimum of 75 euro + 21% VAT applicable in all cases. For debts over 25,000 euro, our commission is reduced to 9%, and for debts over 50,000 euro, we only charge 7%.
If we are unable to recover any debts (due to bankruptcy, administrative cancellation or rejection of our claim by default, for example), we will only charge a fixed administrative fee of 75 euro +21% VAT. If the claim amounted to less than 500 euro, this fee may be revised to just 50 euro + 21% VAT.
If summons are issued outside of Antwerp or abroad, any costs charged by our local partners will be passed to you. Of course, as these fees may differ between countries, we will always inform you in advance.
In the event of bankruptcy, we will file your claim and monitor its progress for a fixed fee of 125 euro + 21% VAT, if necessary.

II. Disputed invoices or debts
If your claim is disputed following a summons and a verdict needs to be reached or we need to attend expert hearings, for example, our hourly rates will apply.
This rate stands at 135 euro/hour + 21% VAT.
We charge 6 euro per e-mail and 9 euro per letter sent by post (+ 21% VAT).
Our fixed administrative fee is just 75 euro + 21% VAT.


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